Team Building


Planning an office party, company outing or a team building exercise? West Michigan Glass Art Center has a large space with individual classrooms for meetings and activities.  We'll work with you to create a program that meets your needs and budget requirements for your group.

Enjoy a glassblowing demonstration or work together in the Hot Shop to create an exciting blown glass object.  Participants can also choose from flameworking (create pendants or objects on the torch), glass bead making (create hollow glass bead, shown below, on the torch) or kiln fused glass (create a candy dish, tile, suncatcher or group tile as shown below.  The group tile can be created to fit a standard size frame that can later be hung in your office or building!).  These exciting and interactive workshops stimulate the imagination, build confidence and enhance morale.  


*The center photo depicts our ever popular Fused Glass Team Panel.  Here's how it works: Each participant can create a small glass tile of their own colorful composition.  Each of these tiles will then be arranged onto a large piece of clear glass.  The tiles and the clear glass base piece will be fused in our kiln to create a single cohesive art piece.  This piece will be a standard frame size according to the amount of participants.  A popular size is 11" x 14".  Once you receive your finished art piece, simply purchase a frame without glass, since the tiles will protrude from the base piece.  Frames can be purchased from a craft store (for example, Michaels or Hobby Lobby) or from a framing store.  What a great piece of art to hang in your meeting room, office, lobby or hallway!

Choose either a half day (1 or 2 classes) or a full day (3 or 4 classes) of hands-on activities. Flexible times available. Cost includes all materials. Separate meeting space available upon request. Feel free to bring your own snacks and additional beverages! Demonstrations are also available. Call Jennifer DiGiuseppe, Community Education Coordinator, at 269-552-9802 to schedule a program specifically designed for your business or organization.

Remarks from Zoetis Team Building: "This was a good activity, it brought our group together. It is a very nice place and class.  Thank you so much for an excellent session, we enjoyed it alot.  New ideas in a short span of time.  THANK YOU! "