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The Art and Architecture of Stained Glass


Join us on November 9th for the Art and Architecture of Stained Glass presentation by Barbara Krueger.  Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the program will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Learn about stained glass from early France and England until today-from an inclusive and fast faced presentation about the 1500 year history of stained glass.  Information about the Michigan Stained Glass Census will be included.  This event is free but a goodwill donation is appreciated.

A native Californian, Barbara Krueger lives in Hartland (Livingston County) Michigan and has been involved in several aspects of stained glass for 30 years.  A former elementary school teacher, she was on the art fair circuit selling her original stained glass pieces before wanting to return to college to get an art degree.  It was somewhat difficult to find that educational niche, but Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti was welcoming non-traditional students with open arms.  After 2 years in the art program that included many art history classes, serendipitously she took a class which was an introduction to historic preservation, switched her major and finally in 1995 graduated with a MS in historic preservation. 

 For 6 years Barbara was on the board of American Glass Guild, an international stained glass organization (the 2010 conference was in Detroit).  About 20 years ago Barbara heard the first announcement about the Michigan Stained Glass Census being organized under the auspices of Michigan State University Museum.  She is now an MSU Museum Research Assistant (that means volunteer) and there are now over 1200 buildings, mostly churches, that have registered their stained glass windows.  http://www.museum.msu.edu/museum/msgc/

Barbara gives slide lectures on “The Art and Architecture of Stained Glass”, utilizing her own photos from France, Germany, England and Scotland as well as interesting situations from around the US as well as Michigan.  She also works with area churches to ascertain the condition of their stained glass windows.  Stained glass is primarily a liturgical art form, but very interesting examples can also be found in libraries, older municipal buildings, on university campuses, and of course in private homes.


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