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Explore Glass Art Day (EGAD)November 16, 2013, 10-4 p.m.


Explore Glass Art Day



Adults and youth can choose from the following 6 different types of glass mediums offered every hour from 10:00 am-3:30 p.m: Hot Shop Paperweights, Kiln Fused Sun Catchers, Beadmaking, Flamework Pendants, Sandblasting and Stained Glass Hearts.  Sessions are 45 minutes long.  Choose one or choose them all!   Every hour a new project starts so for example, participants can sign up for Beadmaking at 10:00 am, Sandblasting at 11:00 am and Kiln Fusing at 12:00 pm.  Make it a fun day with family and friends!  No experience necessary!

Call at 269-552-9802 to reserve your time slots.  Walk-in’s are welcome!  We will fit you into classes as space allows.  See www.wmglass.org for more information.  Classes are $25 per person except Hot Shop Paperweights are $60 per person.  We are located in downtown Kalamazoo in the Park Trades Center.  Parking is located on both sides of Kalamazoo Ave in front of the Park Trades Center and along Church street.  We have an accessible entrance on the North side of the building, just let us know so we can be of assistance. 

Bring your family and friends for a day of glass art fun right here in downtown Kalamazoo, MI.   We're the hotspot for fun things to do in Kalamazoo!

Hot Shop Paperweights-Intro to traditional hot glass work. Use murrine, stringers and bubbles to create unique worlds within a sphere of solid glass, Age 12 and up, $60.

 Kiln Fused Sun Catcher or Tile-Experiment with kiln fused glass!  Learn to cut glass, stack and layer the glass onto your clear base,  Age 7 and up with adult, $25.

 Bead Making-Experience the excitement of creating glass beads on a steel mandrel by shaping the glass in the flame of a torch.  Use bright vibrant colors to make a variety of beads, Age 12 and up, $25.

 Flameworked Pendant-Learn to blend colors and shape glass in the flame of a torch.  Create a beautiful, colorful glass pendant using “pyrex” borosilicate glass, Age 12 and up, $25.

 Sandblasting-Take your heart’s desire and recreate it on a mug, bowl, vase or candle holder.  Using tape and exacto knives transfer your ideas to the glass.  The final step is putting your piece into the sandblaster where you’ll “blast” your design, Age 7 and up with adult, $25

Stained Glass-An intro to stained glass technique with copper foil and solder.  Create a beautiful small stained glass heart.  Ages 10 and up, Cost: $25

No experience necessary.
Add us to your list of Fun Things to do in Kalamazoo!
Bring your family to Kalamazoo for a weekend of fun.  We are located in beautiful downtown Kalamazoo near the Radisson hotel and Western Michigan University.  We are walking distance to a variety of entertainment, shopping and restaurants.

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