What Students Say About West Michigan Glass Art Center

"We learned concepts of gravity and surface tension and how to work safely with glass.  The feedback from the students said they enjoyed this program and activities immensely.  The instructors were kind, involved and totally student oriented.  Keep up the good work!  I wish that this could be incorporated during regular school days.  I saw students fully engaged and focused on the project."

"Great Teachers; they help you any time; I would come back anytime!"
-Student, Age 11

"I loved the three days I was here, I can't wait to come back to Art Hop.  The instructors were very nice, I would recommend that other people try this!"
-Maple Street Elementary Student, Age 10

"What a great experience for a novice...hand blown ornament deal through groupon. Went back for more...heart shape paperweight. Friendly, informative...good date idea"
-Girl Scout, Rebecca

"Today was my best birthday ever!"
-Birthday party, teens

*Awesome anniversary event.  I thought it would be a lot of fun, but it was way more engaging and interesting than I had expected.  Its is not as scary as I first thought; it is a science and then an art. 
Ages 27, 29

*Very fun!  Friendly staff!  I appreciate the help in trying to create a specific shape while learning to blow glass. 
-Kalamazoo, Portage, Mattawan (MI)  Ages 14, 35, 31, 50

*Loved how my piece turned out.  Thanks for the wonderful experience.
-MAEA Professional Development

*I was part of the Red Hat group who visited your center.  I just received the two glass pendants I made there and I was thrilled to see how nice they turned out and how beautifully they were finished by the staff.  You were professional, well organized, and a pleasure to visit and work with.  Thank you for the great glass blowing demo and your patience as we worked on the pendants.
-Red Hat Society Member

*Our first grade students loved this activity and were very engaged!  They learned new vocabulary (that is very important for young learners)
-Kalamazoo Elementary School, First Grade

*Guys, you get to put glass on a stick after lighting it on fire!! Whats cooler than that!  I'm good at making bumble bees in the flame shop. 
-Girl Scouts, 9th Grader

*I would recommend this to my friends
Kalamazoo Adventure Group, Ages 12-15

*Thanks you for letting us experience the time of our lives!! It was so fun!  I can't wait to see what my candy dish looks like! 
-Kalamazoo Elementary School student

*I am not very creative but his class showed me that with little talent I can still make an art piece.  I had a lot of fun this afternoon.  Thank you!  Looking forward to seeing the end result.  Instructors were very helpful during this.  Fun!
-Fused Glass Team Building, Ages 28-50

*Excellent instruction, comfortable facility, suitable for class experience.  We appreciated the patience and hands-on assistance from the instructors.
-Holland, MI  Ages 62 and 74

*I am handicapped and I appreciate the accommodations that were made. 
-Scottsdale, AZ Age 67

*I believe that attending the Glass Art Camp has helped youth enhance their skills and abilities while learning the art of glass blowing.  Your generosity has made a profound impact on their lives and I am truly grateful. 
Regarding Glass Art Camp, Ages 10-18

*Excellent instruction, I learned so much and felt that the instructors at West Michigan Glass Art Center wanted me to truly enjoy my experience.  It was interesting and fun.
-Plainwell, MI  Age 28

*Thanks, it was exhilarating!  This was one of the most fun things I have done in years!
-Salem, OR Ages 42, 73, 75

*I am not creative at all but I was able to do something abstract and I am happy with my creation.  The instructors were very good and patient with me.  This would be a great field trip for art classes in high school or even elementary school. 
-Senior Center, Kalamazoo

*Thank you so much for the opportunity to have my daughter participate in The Natural World workshop.  This was an incredible experience for her and she was thrilled about what she learned and her whole experience.  We are so grateful to have had this opportunity for her to learn more about creating and working with glass art.  We're especially grateful for the generous scholarship that made it possible for her to attend.  How wonderful it is that we can expose our children to so many different forms of art.  Its also such a great venue for them to unleash the tremendous creativity that they all have within them.
-Regarding The Natural World workshop, Parent